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Commercial Cleaning
Lead Generation

Still the World’s #1 Commercial & Office Spaces Exclusive Leads.
We’ve helped cleaning businesses generate $1.2B in revenue, Globally.
Easily Bypass Gatekeepers and Reach Decision Makers with AI Technology.
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We Book Our Clients Meetings With…



Easily Bypass Gatekeepers & Win New Business.

$200K to $20.1 Million
Whether you're a Sales Director, Business Owner or a part of a small or large cleaning business. We put your commercial cleaning leads on autopilot 💦🚀

Unlock Decision Makers
With Ai Prospector đź’™

We use AI and a database of over 79M commercial decision makers in any industry from Office, Retail, Medical, Healthcare, Industrial/Warehouses, Childcare Facilitates, Government, Education and more! We find prospects that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP), and build high-quality, high-value pipelines. Clean Commercial Group let's you uncover new opportunities by targeted postcode searching and helps you find more long-term commercial cleaning contracts.
  • Highly advanced outbound lead generation
  • Professional digital, social and email B2B campaigns
  • Guaranteed, qualified, sales ready opportunities
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Our Positive Impact

  • 5000+

    Cleaning businesses successfully
    worked with, globally
  • $1.2b

    of client pipeline
    delivered and contracted
  • 6555000+

    Exclusive Commercial
    leads generated
  • 248000+

    Properties cleaned via
    new cleaning contracts
  • 79 M

    Commercial Property
    owners within AI Database
  • 91 %

    Retention rate for customers
    campaigns over 9 months

Ranked #1

We're one of the world's most recognised commercial cleaning lead generation teams, because most of our lead experts and copywriters are ex-employees of these top cleaning brands.
Experience a team that has worked with the best.
Our Lead Generation Team

100% Genuine & PreQualified With Decision Makers

Clean Commercial Group only books meetings with decision makers to shorten sales cycles and boost your public image. No more cold calling and not getting past gatekeepers. For this reason our commercial cleaning leads close at the highest industry rate.
  • Office General Managers
  • National Facility Managers
  • National Property Manager
  • Education Facility Director's
  • Manufacturing Warehouse Managers
  • Chief Financial Controllers
  • Emergency Department Directors
  • Strata Management
  • Retail Establishment Directors
  • Building Service Contractors

AI-Based Predictions Tell You
Who’s Ready to Buy – and When

Powerful AI Technology, machine learning and e-mail and social drip campaigns tailored to decision makers with automated follow-ups empower to improve and scale your Enterprise Outreach Strategy.

Intent data confidently predicts when companies and certain decision makers are in their project buying journey.

If you are a Director, Business Owner, or Sales & Marketing manager for a Cleaning company of any size looking to supercharge your lead generation efforts and get exclusive pre-qualified commercial cleaning leads into your sales funnel, Clean Commercial Group is a fantastic choice to ensure you’re not wasting time on unfair bidding websites where you’re always in a price competition. We only offer 100% Exclusive Commercial Cleaning Leads

Clean Commercial Group was built by commercial cleaning people, for the cleaning people.

Integrate Clean Commercial Group With Your Favourite CRM

By integrating our commercial cleaning contract leads with your CRM, you will get a fuller, more complete picture of your customer’s interactions with your organisation, from initial enquiry to sales, communications and eventual feedback. It gives you access to more reliable and consistent information. You are better informed about your customers and you’ve better visibility of your customer’s behaviour and buying habits.

Our Exclusive Leads Guarantee

With Clean Commercial Group, we use our digital skills to generate prospect qualified leads and guarantee the highest lead quality and pre-booked appointments with decision makers are exclusive. That’s right; our lead exclusivity is guaranteed where we ensure we do not share your commercial cleaning leads and they are pre-qualified as each campaign we act on your behalf with your branding and the enquiry we generate for you will be targeted to the right buyers, in the right way, at the right time For each project, we provide: a Success Manager to drive high-level strategy, a Project Manager to oversee day-to-day operations, and one or more Sales Development Representatives working diligently to set sales.

Trusted by over 5,000+ Commercial Cleaning Companies!

Discover our industry leading commercial cleaning lead generation systems for yourself.
More Leads. More Sales. More Revenue
Clean Commercial Group smokes the competition when they book you meeting with top decision makers in the buyer committee for commercial cleaning contracts like it's easy for them!
Jim Kwik - Head of Marketing
Jim Kwik - Marketing Sales Manager
These guys are the real deal! Email campaigns have been running for 2-Months and they helped secure a contract for a Shopping Centre a University and a Fitness Facility contract.
Michael O'Leary - National Sales Manager
Michael O'Leary - National Sales Manager
Clean Commercial Group's commercial cleaning lead generation is the best I have dealt with in the country. They put me in front of Medical Facilitates, Schools, and Office buildings with minium1-2 year contracts.
Sandeep Koul - Managing Director
Simply stated, this solution has singlehandedly revolutionized the way in which I prospect for business. Roughly 70-90% of my outbound prospecting activities are delivered to me automatically through the Clean Commercial Group Campaigns.
Matthew Jinks - Commercial Director
Clean Commercial Group has arranged a lead for a University and bunch more Educational Facilitates in my state which are looking very promising to close! Clean Commercial Group are the real deal!
Jordan Shearer - Head of Business Growth
Very good outbound strategy and service. Great campaign management from Paul, we’ve just completed another Retail Establishment and Restaurant.
Christine Lagarde - National Solar PPA Manager
Christine Armadale - Senior Digital Marketing Manager
I would highly recommend Clean Commercial Group for commercial cleaning lead generation compared to 3 quote comparison websites. From my very first contact with Michael and Sophie as campaign managers it was a pleasant and professional experience, honest and transparent throughout.
Lucas Lovell - Commercial Solar Consultant
Lucas Lovell - Business Owner
Very happy with all aspects of this group. Their ability to book meetings with commercial property managers with large portfolio client's is something I have never seen before. We could look be potentially looking at no longer funding more PPC advertising on Google or Facebook campaigns at this stage and just use the Clean Commercial Group instead for our lead services.
Paul Ellis - General Manager
Paul Ellis - General Manager
Professional people from the lead experts to the outbound campaigns crew.
Rohan Sharma - Business Owner
If you are a Sales Rep or Business Development Manager in Commercial Cleaning these guys help you close high ticket deals by booking meetings with decision makers that I have always struggled to get in front of.... Cheers!
Simon Mills - Business Development Manager
Simon Mills - Business Development Manager
The 1st of 7 cleaning lead companies to deliver the results pre-qualified and straight into our calendar. Richard our account manager was extremely thorough and answered all our 1000 questions and confirmed our target market and is running successful clean lead marketing campaigns.
Emma Fenech - Head of Digital Marketing
Emma Fenech - Head of Digital Marketing
Clean Commercial Group has done a fantastic job! A few large School cleaning contracts to start and then the doors open up to Government and Council buildings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars arranged with clients which was a surprise to see within the first 60 days of the campaign. I'm impressed
Chris Lange - Head of Commercial Sales
Chris Lange - Head of Commercial Sales

Targeting Companies Keeping Spaces Clean

Clean Commercial Group is the preferred lead generation to reach commercial & office spaces across the globe.

  • Target Brand Logo
  • JLL Brand Logo
  • Budweiser Anheuser Busch Brand Logo
  • Cushman Wakefield Brand Logo
  • Walmart Brand Logo
  • Pepsico Brand Logo
  • Fedex Express Brand Logo
  • CBRE Group Brand Logo

Our clients have booked calls and won deals from top companies such as above and thousands of smaller businesses.

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